Notre raison d'être en lumière

Our Purpose in Light

Here is the tailor-made work of art, inspired by Pierre Soulages, created by the artist Sophie Molina to highlight the raison d'être of Brasserie France.
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This work echoes the 3 values ​​that carry the mission of general interest, the social and societal meaning of our committed brewing campus:
- the freedom to undertake,
- independence,
- the transmission.
The artistic visualization offers 5 paintings inspired by the great artist Pierre Soulages: - “5” because this number represents the 5 values ​​of companionship (trust, generosity, fraternity, patience and requirement) - the “Black” by Pierre Soulages, as an invitation to look beyond fixed ideas and oneself to cultivate one's free will. Indeed by moving around the canvases you will see that the light dresses the material , is reflected in the furrows and springs from the black, giving life to another vision full of hope.

 This work echoes the entrepreneurial dynamic shared within the campus:

💡 Go get the outer black that is in you, to reveal all the colors of your personality and highlight your talents.
-> Be an actor of your life!

💡 Listen and respect each other's word but don't take it for the truth; like the light that emanates from the dark, go beyond what you are shown, what you see and what you are told.
-> Preserve your free will!

💡 Go find and share the strength that is in you, like this black that gives off an energy, a dynamic between tension and balance, between streaks, stripes and smooth flat areas.
-> Transmit your experience!

This is the raison d'être of Brasserie de France that we share with you and which, if it inspires you, invites you to join us!

Sophie Molina “Raison d'être of Brasserie de France through a tribute to Pierre Soulages. » 7-meter fresco composed of 5 canvases (1.5m x 1.5m) - 2022 Acrylic paint on canvas Smitis studio creates tailor-made works of art that highlight the purpose of companies and organizations.

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