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France is the 1st European country in number of breweries

With 2,300 companies boosting a major agri-food sector which represents, from “cob to half”, more than 130,000 people for a turnover of 15 billion euros.

On the upstream side, France is the world's second largest malting barley exporter and the world's leading malt exporter. These positive impacts in terms of economy, employment and know-how are only made possible by the collective work of seed growers, farmers, collectors, maltsters, yeast producers, hop producers and finally brewers, then distributors and places of consumption.

‍ Brasserie de France is part of this contributory and positive sector, with the ambition of becoming one of the top 20 craft breweries in France to defend our convictions and expertise by training the industrial and commercial talents of tomorrow.

It is a formidable model of commitment and human integration in the territory that we are putting into action with an "intelligent" brewery 4.0 which integrates automation, digitization of processes and predictive maintenance, for a high respect for the environment (low water consumption, production of photovoltaic energy, recycling of cereal residues, secure management of water discharges, biodiversity of green spaces, local supply).

‍Choosing Krones - Kosme as a technical partner allows us to guarantee consistency in the quality of our elaborate and complex craft beers and beverages, total food safety (integrated analysis laboratory, product traceability) and production flexibility (with or without pasteurization, refermentation bottles or carbonation, conditioning bottles and cans). We are proud to contribute to the positive reindustrialization of France.

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