The Brasserie de France school

A school for 100% guaranteed work

We mix know-how, interpersonal skills and cultures.

Within the "Brasserie de France" campus, we are creating an "integrating" training course intended for young people for whom the traditional education system proves to be unsuitable. Based on a pedagogy of doing to learn, you develop for 2/3 of your time all the know-how of the profession of "brewer" by responding to real orders placed by customers, with the equipment and the professionals of the brewery.

For 1/3 of the time, we train in entrepreneurship to "become an actor in our life" thanks to the experience of the "Brasserie de France" associates.

The high level of requirements and the empowerment of students bring them maturity and self-confidence.

Our active pedagogical approach facilitates action through the individualization of courses and the learning of autonomy.

Youth as a spearhead

Let's help young people to know earlier to choose later.
Learning at the "Brasserie de France" school means creating memory links on know-how and interpersonal skills to be in a situation of high operationality in a tight job market.

To learn is already to undertake. Transmission is essential to prepare for tomorrow. Our youth is ready for the future, it is up to us to give them the keys to build it.

The learning path will go through mentoring within a network of French craft breweries associated from the start with our approach to combating exclusion.


Paul Venot, 28, production manager.

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